Things I saw on a walk reclaiming a life for myself





I’ve been making an effort to get out for a walk whenever circumstances allow.
I’m re discovering my simple joy at finding a new bit of this vast city.
I took some time for myself,walking along looking at the water was a cue for some reflection about my life.for some time I’ve felt invisible,swamped by & overwhelmed by my caring things are improving I can take time for me.going for walks,connecting with the earth & other people is healing for me,a slow feeling of remembering myself is forming.Im also going to start a journal again,I have missed doing that since the knitayear ended.
Any thoughts on reclaiming a life for yourself are welcome,whether from a carers perspective or otherwise,thanks.
Yesterday I walked from mile end,through the ecology & sculpture park,alongside the canal ….. enjoying the water,reeds,trees,narrowboats,conversation with friendly people & on up to Roman road.
From there along to York Hall via charity shops & vegetarian cafe , to see a unique event.
York Hall has an installation that produces clouds indoors ! The clouds formed & then floated slowly or zoomed upwards to rest on a net suspended across the ceiling.the photos haven’t come out as well as I hoped but does give an idea.
Some info taken from net about the event..
, E2 9PJ
Exhibitions: , Art, Installation,
How Much: Free!
To celebrate the launch of their new
studio, architecture and design duo
Pernilla & Asif are putting on
something a wee bit special.
For one day only, they’re filling York
Hall in Bethnal Green with a floating
canopy of fluffy white clouds. Just
what London needs on these grey
November days!


5 comments on “Things I saw on a walk reclaiming a life for myself

  1. I am reclaiming part of my life by letting go of one of the two part time jobs I hold. I started a journal in September – just bits and pieces. Some days more some days less. But then my small stones on my blog are also a kind of poetic journal – my ‘self’ time. But walking a mile a day could also be a good thing. For a school project my DIL created clouds in a 2 liter bottle. I wrote about clouds – yesterdays sunset this morning… Have a great day everyday. Thanks too for explaining the knitting project… I might do that in January.

    • Hi,thank you for sharing your thoughts.I’m going to start the journal process again.if you want any support with a knitayear I’m happy to chat about it.have a great week ,jay

  2. Great blog, thanks for sharing. I really like the picture of the “every moment can be joyous” its so simple and true. Sometimes we have to see things like this at the right moment to fully comprehend the simplicity and truth. Keep blogging, youre great.

    • Hi,thanks Lucas.I saw that joyous graffiti at exactly the right moment, I was looking at the canal water & feeling sad ,wanting a change in my life,I turned & saw that .a timely reminder.

      • I have used most of my garage sale yarn for blankets, double thick granny squares for blankets that look like quilts ( and being double thick weigh a ton). For a bit I also made blankets and caps for premies and for babies for the local woman’s shelter. And then in a mad frenzy of cleaning I gifted most of what was left away. I still have some left, enough to start though. I already have a book and a pen that was gifted to me for my birthday. I think I might tie in my stones somehow… Seems to me though that 15 stiches by 365 x 2 isn’t a very big scarf… But I will try and stick with the plan! Thanks ‘jay’

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