A day of buses & winter walking

I’ve had such a lot on the last few weeks,mostly packing 80% of everything ready for a move only to have it fall through, then unpacking items needed & then getting a new house exchange ( even better than the 1st ) & now waiting for a new date & still living in the midst of boxes ! SO today it was a perfect winter day to get out .I took myself ,daughter & friend on buses around the new area ,onto Indian Veg for curry,checked out the new CLR James library at Dalston ( very impressed ) caught a number 4bus to waterloo for a breezy walk along the Thames.
It was lovely.
Over the millennium bridge to st.pauls , after a quick look in the Tate (&pleasant fair-trade Soya cappuccino) to the university & library at the occupy camp.2buses later & home in the warm to knit.
The lace (simple 4 row repeat )scarf has used 1ball as required by pattern but DD now wants me to increase the length by another ball, at this rate it will be finished by August !
I’ll be having a look at the exhibition tomorrow….do comment if you’ve seen it,thanks.


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