Welcome to the blog Knit a year in my life & other adventures .

The blog started as a way to keep a record of a year in my life.It tells the story of my day to day life as a mother, carer, new knitter living in east london.It also follows the progress of my year of knitting in a continuous piece…………..

.I knitted a year..literally.

I  cast on 15 stitches of yarn & then knitted a minimum of 2 rows every day for a year.Each day i choose a piece of yarn that i was drawn to & knitted.

All of the yarn used was recycled, upcycled, charity shop,freecycled , gifted to me or found/reused fabric or anything that i thought i could knit with !

Alongside this i  kept a  set of 4 journals with a piece of the yarn & some thoughts for each day & posted here to record progress.The final piece of knitting  become a hanging with a strand with some days having objects attached to represent each of the 365 days  & was displayed in Walthamstow Central Library as part of the E17 Art Trail.

My inspiration for the project came from  reading about the artist Beth Barlow who had created her own knit a year project, this project has now gone global & many people have been inspired to create their own knit a year projects , each as different as the individuals involved.

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  1. Hello
    I help with a knitting group in an old people’s home, they do knitting lessons for children on my estate. I think this is a great idea and I’ll encouraging the children to follow your progress. Maybe later into the year if you have the time we would like for you to visit and talk about your experience. I’m sure they would love it and we are also in E11 so hopefully not too far from you.
    Thanks again, this is a great idea and I’m sure others will love it too.

    • Hi , thanks for visiting the blog.
      I have emailed you & think it would be good to meet up before i come to visit your kniting group.
      I had the idea that maybe your group would like to do their own version of Knit a Year , joining stories of the 2 different generations.
      What do you think ? I would be happy to support them with their own project.

  2. Will be following with interest, if you want some handspun to play with, I have some oddments left over from projects, just let me know where to send them. You can pm me on Rav 🙂

  3. Hi Jay,

    I attended the News from Nowhere Guerilla Gardening talk from weekend before last. I left my mobile and email details on a piece of paper… Wondering whether it made it’s way to you 😉

    As well as gardening in E11 I’m also leading a project to transform disused spaces in schools and communities and working with young people to design, create and generate these spaces. If you know any local school teachers or schools who might be interested – let me know.

    Best !

  4. Hello
    Gabby, one of our gardening volunteers described you as “the wonderful knitting lady I met through Freecycle” and she mentioned that you might be interested in setting up a knitting group at Stepney City Farm.

    We’d absolutely love to have a knitting group here, and reckon that have having nice woolly sheep wondering about would make it pretty special for the knitters too.

    Please do get in touch if you’d like to do some farmy knitting


    • Hi,that’s nice to be described that way 🙂 I had my move fall through & now waiting for another move date,hopefully end of April.will phone this week to arrange to come over & talk ideas ready to start something beginning of May once moved.exciting stuff

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