Casting on a scarf of doom… on

So , i read all about the “scarf of doom ” & am now casting on a scarf of doom .These words from Deadly Knitshade

“It doesn’t matter how you knit, or what you knit, or where you knit it. You’re fantabulous because you are a creator. Be proud of everything you knit, because, no matter what you end up with, the fact is that you created it with your own two hands and it’s bloody marvellous that you did.”

I truly believe in the above.I believe that knitting has kept me going when there was nothing else, it makes me smile when sometimes there is nothing to smile about,i love being able to create something no matter what else is going on in my life.

I learnt to knit when i had 2 major operations  ( after 2 other ops the preceding years ) in a year & became a carer ! Knitting has literally kept me going.

We all have our own journeys to embark on but i know that knitting will always be along for mine.

happy knitting everyone whatever you choose to knit.

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lacy scarf, chest infection & moving house

So i’m getting a bit of knitting done as i’m spending more than usual time at home due to chest infection.

I’m moving house soon so am surrounded by boxes , it’s a case of knit a few pattern repeats , pack a box , knit , suddenly remember another bit of sorting/recycling/cleaning/organising etc that needs doing , see to that, knit, knit

i will post photos of the lacy scarf & the pleased recipient as soon as i’ve finished….about 6 more weeks at this rate….

it is being made in a beautiful smoky grey with pale lilac flecks , in Frog Tree organic Alpaca,colour 906.

The pattern came from a magazine that i was given ( Katina Killey, knit today,Jan 2011 )

It is

Cast on 24 stitches


K1,yf,k2tog,repeat until last st , K1




k2,yf,k2tog to end of row





Reflections of a year in knitting






Photos taken with my mobile the night the exhibition went up .they are reflecting me taking photos whilst reflecting on the year & the exhibition !
I’ve been unable to get back to take photos  since it went up due to a nasty cold & chest infection & now the snow & ice are here !
I have to go out today & I’m not keen on the icy conditions, much rather stay in and knit …. on the needles at the moment a 4row pattern repeat lacy scarf for my daughter.

Pins & printers




All of the knitted piece is neatly pinned onto the material,ends have been trimmed so it doesn’t tangle up & its looking good ready to hang.
My printer isn’t giving the quality images  I want  despite photo ink & paper…….so I’m going to have a last try then go to a print shop.
Tonight I’m going to see an exhibition at The Hub,it is Chinese calligraphy & then a chance to have a go in a mini workshop.

How to fit a year of knitting onto 70cms of fabric






Spent some considerable time arranging,re arranging & generally playing about with the knitayear today ( backache in the process ) .I have pinned most if it in place now.
Tomorrow is a new day & I shall approach the pinning with a smile & definitely work on it at a table to spare my back

A day of mixed media & fabric


Today I’ve braved the bitter cold wind & been to Walthamstow.I spent a lovely 2hours at a mixed media art course being run at The Mill, a community space & library.
Followed by a poke about the charity shops & the purchasing of 2metres of an unbleached cotton fabric to sew the knitayear piece onto ready to exhibit at right now my front room is like a yarn workshop … must leave room to sit on sofa ..

Preparing for Slate Exhibition

So it’s the new year & what a busy start !

I’m preparing to exhibit at Slate in Leytonstone ( link in my links section ).I had another good look at the space today & my final layout is sorted.

Now to choose which nice photos from the year i want to get printed ready to exhibit.

The whole year of knitting will be displayed over 3 big boards with a start sign & finish sign, or more accurately a cast on & cast off sign for those knitting people out there.

I’m excited & less nervous about it all now that the idea for the display is sorted in my mind.

The countdown begins…….26 days to go ………..

More thoughts on the knitayear

I’m feeling positive about how the next stage of the project is taking shape.I have a great potential space to really put into practice what I believe are the benefits of the project.
I’ve been able to see clearly what I achived with the year …….. as well as being a carer , single parent,involved with carer support & being on the nhs carers reference group I have engaged with community groups & knitters from all over London & further away ( including Canada & America ) completed a whole 24.5 feet of knitayear piece, exhibited in 2 art trails  & I’m so pleased with the whole experience.
Onwards ………..

Afternoon at The Hub


I’ve had a nice visit to The Hub,Canning Town.plans to exhibit the Knitayear are underway & other ideas….. more on the other ideas soon.its exciting & community involved…….. watch this space.

Meanwhile I’ve been knitting as much as possible for the local craft stall I’m sharing with a friend,hope to raise funds for the carers group.

life, knitting & everything

i’m still not sure what the knitayear piece means to me except that i’m starting to miss having something to create each day.

i’m currently knitting small projects for a craft stall i’m sharing with a friend…….i haven’t made nearly anywhere the ammount that i wanted to but i’m pleased that i haven’t given up  & am still knitting.

I recently heard about a venue called The Hub in East London, i’m getting involved & will be joining their 1st Thursdays meet up for local artists.I am applying to exhibit the piece there in the future.

I’m also mid filling in an application form to exhibit at the Barbican ! very exciting stuff.

Life has been the usual rollercoaster of being a carer, being involved with carer support groups  & passing another birthday this week.

what knitty adventures will my 44th year hold …….