The exhibition is up

Yesterday afternoon a friend helped me to put up the knitayear exhibition.With the assistance of the Slate volunteers it is looking fab !

The exhibition is in the windows of the council & next to the library in Leytonstone, East London .

The windows have boards which slot into place, so each board has to be placed individually.I had a rough idea & had practised laying it all out on my living room floor but i didn’t know if the boards would hold the weight of the journals so we had an experiment on the day.I’m pleased to report that the use of fishing line, knots & banging in of nails they are up & looking great !

The exhibition has the year of knitting pinned up, the journals, photos ,,extract from the blog, balls of upcycled yarn & knitting needles hanging.

In the final  window are an excellent poster designed by Veronica Lindsay-Addy.which is promoting the carers group we are launching in 2 weeks !

I’m going back today to take photos so will post them later.

now to get the shopping & domestic chores out the way & then relax………………


can anybody help ????

Hello everyone, can anybody help ? i need someone to assist me in hanging up the knitayear at Slate Gallery, Leytonstone, on January 28th for 2 hours.

It doesn’t involved much work , i need help lifting & slotting the boards into place……that is a 2 person task.

A lovely friend was available but has just got a brand new job & can’t make it.

I would be very grateful & of course you could add it to a C.V that you’ve been involved with this project etc.

i can be emailed on

Quest for material begins

I am on a quest for a piece of material to display the knitayear piece on.

To hang the piece at Slate i need to attach the piece to some material in order to drape it over the  boards, which are quite tricky to move & slot into space as the venue is using the windows from the council’s former advice centre.

To attach & drape is the( relatively ) easy part……choosing the type of material is quite another matter altogether.Walthamstow market…here i come

Preparing for Slate Exhibition

So it’s the new year & what a busy start !

I’m preparing to exhibit at Slate in Leytonstone ( link in my links section ).I had another good look at the space today & my final layout is sorted.

Now to choose which nice photos from the year i want to get printed ready to exhibit.

The whole year of knitting will be displayed over 3 big boards with a start sign & finish sign, or more accurately a cast on & cast off sign for those knitting people out there.

I’m excited & less nervous about it all now that the idea for the display is sorted in my mind.

The countdown begins…….26 days to go ………..