Presenting views to nhs board

So today is a big day for my daughter.we have been invited to the board of NELFT(north east London foundation trust ) to give our views to the board.
Will be interesting.but 1st to get her up …  I don’t want to ,its a lot of stress but she won’t get herself up leaving plenty of time & no rushing around at last moment ,thus causing more stress for herself.
Such a hard balancing act … being a mum & a carer of a teenager with bi polar who has had no management skills support until 3weeks ago ,despite my asking for 2years & of course it doesn’t work if you as a parent try to do it as most teens just don’t want to hear you .
The 3rd reminder call now.
I hope we make it there ..

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A day of buses & winter walking

I’ve had such a lot on the last few weeks,mostly packing 80% of everything ready for a move only to have it fall through, then unpacking items needed & then getting a new house exchange ( even better than the 1st ) & now waiting for a new date & still living in the midst of boxes ! SO today it was a perfect winter day to get out .I took myself ,daughter & friend on buses around the new area ,onto Indian Veg for curry,checked out the new CLR James library at Dalston ( very impressed ) caught a number 4bus to waterloo for a breezy walk along the Thames.
It was lovely.
Over the millennium bridge to st.pauls , after a quick look in the Tate (&pleasant fair-trade Soya cappuccino) to the university & library at the occupy camp.2buses later & home in the warm to knit.
The lace (simple 4 row repeat )scarf has used 1ball as required by pattern but DD now wants me to increase the length by another ball, at this rate it will be finished by August !
I’ll be having a look at the exhibition tomorrow….do comment if you’ve seen it,thanks.


Running from 28 January to 10 March is Jay Hudson’s exhibition covering her “Knit-a-year”. During 2011 she knitted part of a continuous piece every day, using yarns which were recycled, upcycled or donated. There is more information on this website. As well as showing the whole piece (all 7.5 metres of it!) Jay has created a fun exhibition with knitting needles, balls of yarn, and extracts from her journals. Jay is a carer, and she is also showing posters for Waltham Forest Carers Association who helped her through the ups and downs of her knitting year.

Here are a few snaps of her show. As ever it looks much better in the flesh – get down to Church Lane before 10 March to have a look and pore over the artwork!

An overview of the exhibition, but do go down and look at it in detail yourself

The main…

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New support group run by carers for carers….read on

If you’ve been to see the knitayear exhibition at Slate,Leytonstone you may have noticed the carers association poster & the poster with a face on it advertising a support group.

Well the reason why they are part of the exhibition is because i am a carer & this new group is launching on Febrauary 21st & i will be co-running it with support from WFCA.


You can find out more about the group by popping over to the blog ( in links section under carer support )

Taken from the blog………


Are you feeling the loss of the person you used to be ?

Come share with others who you are,what keeps you going or your future ambitions ?It would be great if you could bring along some sort of memento or artefact to help bring alive your interest.But don’t worry if you feel shy in new situations, no need to talk, just come and listen.

We will be getting together at The Mill, 7-11 Coppermill Lane ,Walthamstow,E17 7HA ( opposite Oxfam at the end of the market )

on Tuesday 21st February between 1 and 3 p.m.

refreshments will be available.

We will also be meeting at the same venue on Wednesday 4th April between 1 and 3 p.m.

Please call Shenaz at the WFCA office on 8531 9652 to put your name down for this group.

We would love to see you , so do please come along.

Buses 58,158,230 all stop close by.BusW12 stops outside.There are parking meter spaces outside & pay & display car park at Mission Grove.Cycle parking outside.

The Mill is fully accessible, wheelchair access & accessible toilets.

Have a look at the links section on this blog to find out more about The Mill & see the google streetview map of The Mill



lacy scarf, chest infection & moving house

So i’m getting a bit of knitting done as i’m spending more than usual time at home due to chest infection.

I’m moving house soon so am surrounded by boxes , it’s a case of knit a few pattern repeats , pack a box , knit , suddenly remember another bit of sorting/recycling/cleaning/organising etc that needs doing , see to that, knit, knit

i will post photos of the lacy scarf & the pleased recipient as soon as i’ve finished….about 6 more weeks at this rate….

it is being made in a beautiful smoky grey with pale lilac flecks , in Frog Tree organic Alpaca,colour 906.

The pattern came from a magazine that i was given ( Katina Killey, knit today,Jan 2011 )

It is

Cast on 24 stitches


K1,yf,k2tog,repeat until last st , K1




k2,yf,k2tog to end of row





Reflections of a year in knitting






Photos taken with my mobile the night the exhibition went up .they are reflecting me taking photos whilst reflecting on the year & the exhibition !
I’ve been unable to get back to take photos  since it went up due to a nasty cold & chest infection & now the snow & ice are here !
I have to go out today & I’m not keen on the icy conditions, much rather stay in and knit …. on the needles at the moment a 4row pattern repeat lacy scarf for my daughter.