installation day!

Amazing fibre installation from a talented friend

birds sing artblog

Well, my tree monkeys have done me proud 😉

So lovely to have friends who can do things I can’t, and Keith has taken some great photos again, mainly long shots, so once we have some details on a sunny and less windy day, I can make a slideshow…one shot I look like I’m about to fly away, which being of a sturdier build is moooost unlikely 😉

And happenstance meant the lime and cherry blossom was out all around us, so beautiful!


And now I am so tired I keep falling asleep at the laptop and my hands can barely clench or grasp 😦 but I have such a happiness from seeing this work – all the changes I had to make due to health and safety regs have shaped the installation, not really how I envisaged site-specific affecting it, 😉 but I have managed to make the dreadlocks…

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Yarn stash raid for scarf of doom



I realised that I actually had very little in the yarn stash ! I had recently donated a whole lot in preparation for moving house.
So I have a selection of black with silver sparkles,purples ,red/black marble ,bright pink chunky,pink/red fluffy stuff of unknown origin,turquoise chunky & some orange/red/black chunky & fuzzy upcycled.
Found my large wooden needles & am ready to cast on

Presenting to the nhs board part 2

So , we arrived a bit nervous but in plenty of time.We found that there was a mix up withing the mammoth that is nhs communications department & we are actually required next week instead, the person booking us had not been informed of the date change !

Expect a report next week…………………………

Casting on a scarf of doom… on

So , i read all about the “scarf of doom ” & am now casting on a scarf of doom .These words from Deadly Knitshade

“It doesn’t matter how you knit, or what you knit, or where you knit it. You’re fantabulous because you are a creator. Be proud of everything you knit, because, no matter what you end up with, the fact is that you created it with your own two hands and it’s bloody marvellous that you did.”

I truly believe in the above.I believe that knitting has kept me going when there was nothing else, it makes me smile when sometimes there is nothing to smile about,i love being able to create something no matter what else is going on in my life.

I learnt to knit when i had 2 major operations  ( after 2 other ops the preceding years ) in a year & became a carer ! Knitting has literally kept me going.

We all have our own journeys to embark on but i know that knitting will always be along for mine.

happy knitting everyone whatever you choose to knit.

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